Lighting Systems Simplified

Airelight™ lighting systems greatly simplify the installation of lighting projects.  Most lighting systems are complex, require an assortment of single function light fixtures,  have high installation costs and require a high number of spare parts. Fixture-Free Airelight™ luminaires are easy to install, multi-functional, and have low installation costs.  Being Fixture-Free, Airelight™ luminaires, surface mounted or embedded, are the ideal choice for down lights,  panel lights, ceiling lights, pendants, and under cabinet lighting. 



  • Airelight™ Linear(s)
  • Airelight™ Square(s)
  • 24V DC Driver(s)
  • Wire Harnessing


  • Control/Dimmer(s)         (0-100%)
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Daylight Sensor

Electrical System Specification

  • 120-277 VAC available
  • Frequency Range(Hz): 47-63
  • System Power Factor: >.98/115 VAC
  • THD: <20%
  • Internal Surge Protection