Goldeneye® Airelight luminaires are the coolest operating LED light source.  This is due to the extremely short thermal path between the LEDs and ambient.  The LEDs are mounted to the light emitting surface, which is also the heat sink cooling surface. 

  • Light emitting surface is the heat emitting surface
  • Shortest thermal path between LED and ambient
  • Lowest LED junction temperature
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Embeddable with only the light emitting surface exposed

HOT  =  Short life

Conventional solid state light sources have long thermal paths between the LEDs and the heat sink cooling surface (exposed to ambient). A typical LED light source consists of:

LEDs (1) soldered (2) to a submount (3) (typically called an LED package) which is soldered (4) to a printed circuit board (5) which is mounted (via adhesive) (6) to a heat sink (7).  The thermal path consists of seven different layers or interfaces. The many interfaces of this standard LED package prevent the LEDs from cooling efficiently. The light emitting junction of the LED will operate much hotter than the heat sink, shortening its useful life.


Goldeneye’s unique patented Airelight™ technology combines the following attributes into a single element:

  • LED submount
  • Light emitter
  • Heat sink
  • Diffuser
  • Interconnect

Since the LEDs are directly attached to this multi functioning material, there is only one interface between the LEDs and the ambient cooled surface of the light source.  LEDs in Goldeneye’s Airelight luminaires typically operate at < 55ºC making them only a few degrees warmer than the light emitter surface exposed to ambient.  LED lifetime is exponentially dependent on the LED’s average operating temperature.  This makes Airelight™ luminaires not only the coolest, but also a longer life solution for solid state lighting. 


Airelightluminaires can be mounted virtually anywhere, including embedded into building materials.  Because the light emitting surface is the heat dissipating surface, the heat sink is exposed to ambient and cools itself even if the body of the light source is fully embedded into wood, paneling, ceiling tiles, walls, floors, etc.  Airelight™ luminaires are so thin, they can be embedded into paneling, tiles etc., without fully penetrating the material.