Goldeneye Airelight™ - The lightest solid-state lighting solution enables flexible mounting options.

  • No bulky heatsink
  • Easily mounted & supported
  • No effect on seismic rating
  • 50 lumens per gram
  • Easily moved or reconfigured


A conventional 2’ x 4’ troffer fixture is heavy, weighing over 25 pounds.  Solid-state LED troffers are only slightly lighter.  For example, to illuminate a 7,500 square foot room requires over a quarter of a ton (500 pounds) of conventional 2’ x 4’ troffer fixtures.  Because of their bulk and weight the troffers have to be independently secured to the ceiling deck (separate from the suspended ceiling).   This means there is no way to seismically certify the ceiling with the light sources installed.  Because of the cost of installation and the separate mounting requirements, 2’ x 4’ troffer lighting once installed is semi-permanent.  It is difficult and expensive to change the lighting in the room after the initial installation.


Airelight™ luminaires are ultra light and can be attached to existing suspended ceilings without requiring a separate mounting means.  Using the example above, to illuminate the 7,500 square foot room, requires less than 10 pounds of Airelight™ light sources.  A 24" Airelight™ Linear .5 weighs less than 40 grams. This extremely light weight allows Airelight™ luminaires to be directly attached to suspended ceilings without requiring independent securing means to the ceiling deck. 


With unique fixtureless, quick release mounting, Airelight™ luminaires can be easily moved, relocated and redistributed in a room without disturbing the suspended ceiling.  This allows occupants to have light where they want it, rather than having to adjust their office furniture to established lighting fixtures.