Conference Room T-Bar Grid Ceiling


Featured Airelight™ Installation: Conference Room T-Bar Grid Ceiling
Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5, Airelight™ Square 4.0

To provide this conference room with a custom look, Airelight™ Squares were embedded in the ceiling tiles and Airelight™ Linears were directly attached to the T-Bar Grid. With infinite dimming capabilities, brightness control is available at the touch of the dimmer.

Magnetic attachment of Airelight™ Linears to any T-Bar Grid drastically reduces installation time and offers superior design flexibility. Airelight™ Squares can be embedded by cutting through the ceiling tile and mounting the desired trim. New trim kits will soon be available offering both flush and recessed options.

Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5
Illuminating over 700 lumens/ft (infinitely dimmable), Airelight™ Linears are typically operated at levels providing 100-120 lumens per watt efficacy. 

Airelight™ Square 4.0
Producing up to 1,600 lumens at 130 lumens/watt, the Airelight™ Square provides an ultra-thin profile and unparalleled flexibility in creative, custom lighting solutions.