Airelight Square

Airelight™ Square 4.0 Black Trim Kits NOW AVAILABLE!

Airelight™ Square 4.0 Trim Kit Black

Featured Installation: Trim Kit - Flush Square 4.0, Black - In Ceiling Tile
Airelight™ Square 4.0 Magnetically Attached to Black Flush Square 4.0 Trim Kit

Modern lighting is easily achieved with Airelight™ Trim Kits. The Flush Square 4.0 Trim Kit offers effortless installation and provides a sleek trim for the Airelight™ Square LED Ceramic Luminaire. Once installed, the remarkably thin and lightweight Airelight™ Square 4.0 is capable of over 1,600 lumens @130 lumens per watt efficacy and is infinitely dimmable.

Installation Notes
Simply cut a pre-measured square out of the ceiling tile and insert the trim kit. Allow the springs to hold the trim kit in place, flush with the tile.

Airelight™ Square Trim Kit In Ceiling Tile
Airelight Square Trim Kit Held In Ceiling Tile with Springs

The Airelight™ Square 4.0 can then be magnetically attached to the trim kit.

Airelight Square 4.0 Magnetically Attached to Trim Kit

The result is a subtle light fixture with a smooth surface.

Airelight Square 4.0 Installed in Trim Kit

Airelight™ Square Trim Kits are available in both flush and recessed models. Trim Kit color options: white or black.

Office Tile Ceiling


Featured Installation: Office Tile Ceiling with Airelight™ Square 4.0
Airelight™ Square 4.0 Flush Mounted in Ceiling Tile
Airelight™ Linear ES 0.5 Directly Attached to T-Bar Grid

Airelight™ Square 4.0 luminaires partner perfectly with ceiling tiles to create an optimal lighting solution. An ultra slim profile and exceptionally light weight make Airelight™ Square 4.0 ideal for suspended, surface mounted, and embedded lighting applications. Capable of over 1,300 lumens at 106 lumens per watt, Airelight™ Squares are also infinitely dimmable. Goldeneye® now offers various Airelight™ Square Trim Kits to complement any project.