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Project Spotlight: Genesis Health Clubs


Project Spotlight: Genesis Health Clubs
Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5 Directly Attached to T-Bar Grid Ceiling
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Creating the right mood in a fitness facility is key to having a successful workout space. Lighting plays an important role in ensuring the atmosphere encourages energy and focus. Genesis Health Clubs in Wichita replaced existing bulky light troffers with sleek Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5 Luminaires. The ease of installation and ability to customize the lighting layout were major factors in selecting Airelight™ Luminaires for this project.

Added benefits that make Airelight™ LED Ceramic Luminaires the ideal lighting solution are:

  • Optimal Light Distribution - Airelight™ Luminaires are remarkably thin and offer a high lumen, lambertian output

  • Red List Free - Airelight™ Luminaires contain no toxic materials & are the most sustainable light source available

  • Longer Life Span - Airelight™ Luminaires provide a guaranteed 5 year lifetime as compared to 1 year for fluorescent tubes

  • Easy to Install / Reconfigure - Should your space need to change, Airelight™ Luminaires can easily adapt

Airelight™ Linear SC Luminaires have the unique ability to magnetically attach directly to the T-Bar Grid. This feature allows for design versatility unlike any other lighting. Achieve a variety of design configurations by installing individual linears or linking them together end to end. The ease of installation allows for the reconfiguration of lighting design without ceiling reconstruction.


Available in two widths (0.5 and 1.0), Airelight™ Linear SCs are compatible with both the 9/16 inch as well as the 15/16 inch ceiling grid. At less than 5mm thin, Airelight™ Linear SCs are capable of up to 770 lumens per foot. Fully dimmable and available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures.