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Project Spotlight: Residential Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting


Project Spotlight: Residential Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting
Airelight™ Linear ES 0.5 Installed with Airelight™ Snap Channel

Under cabinet lighting provides a kitchen with task, accent and night lighting. Rather than install bulky, unattractive under cabinet lights that consist of large plastic housings, opt for sleek Airelight™ Linear ES luminaires. Airelight™ Luminaires snap easily into Airelight™ Snap Channel, use minimal materials and contain no plastic. While LED tape lighting is sometimes used under cabinets, it results in bright spots and uneven lighting. Airelight™ Luminaires are extremely low profile and provide the space with the most uniform distribution of light.


At less than 5mm thin, Airelight™ Linears are capable of up to 770 lumens per foot. Airelight™ Linear ES LED Ceramic Luminaires are available in 0.5 and 1.0 widths. To reach the linear length desired, select from 6, 12, 18 and 24" lengths. Color temperatures offered: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K. Fully dimmable.


Airelight™ Snap Channel is available in both a 0.5 as well as a 1.0 width to correspond toAirelight™ Linear ES Luminaires. Choose from black, light grey or a custom color (for an additional charge).

Airelight™ Luminaires - The only plastic free LED


While almost all other LED lighting contains ocean polluting plastic, Goldeneye stands alone with Airelight™ Luminaires: the only plastic free LED lighting solution.

Green Advantages of Airelight™ LED Ceramic Luminaires:

  • 100% sustainable materials

  • No plastics

  • No toxic materials

  • No fossil based materials

  • Uses 50x fewer raw materials than conventional lighting 
    (measured by weight of fixtures in a typical installation)


Airelight™ Luminaires have a Red List Free Declare Label making them the most sustainable lighting available.