Goldeneye® Airelight luminaires are the only safe solution to solid-state lighting. 

  • Completely non-flammable
  • No toxic materials
  • Earthquake safe
  • Embeddable in any material


Airelight luminaires contain no plastic or other flammable materials.  In fact for embedded applications, Airelight™ luminaires form a fire barrier.  The exposed light emitting surface will withstand temperatures as high as 3500ºF.  If you are a facility manager and are concerned about fire safety, Airelight lighting is the safe solution.  



Airelight luminaires are ultra-light and can be attached to existing suspended ceilings without posing a seismic safety hazard.  Over a quarter of a ton (500 pounds) of conventional 2’ x 4’ troffers are required to illuminate a 7,500 square foot room compared to less than 10 pounds using Airelight luminaires.  For example, a 24" Airelight™ linear luminaire weighs less than 40 grams. This means that Airelight luminaires may be directly attached to suspended ceilings without requiring separate or independent supports to the ceiling deck.  At only 40 grams, if a 24" Airelight linear luminaire is dislodged from the ceiling it will not, in general, pose a serious safety hazard to an occupant below.


Airelight luminaires can generate up to 50 lumens per gram compared to only 1 lumen per gram for conventional solid-state light sources. 


Fire Hazard:  Conventional LED light sources use plastic diffusers or plastic waveguides to reduce the glare and glint from high brightness LED point sources.  These large bodies of plastic pose an extreme safety hazard in the event of a structure fire.  For example, a 2’ x 4’ edge lit LED troffer contains the equivalent of over a gallon of gasoline in fuel load and it is typically positioned over the heads of occupants in commercial and industrial buildings.  Although plastic does not have the flashpoint of gasoline, in a structure fire it will burn profusely and emit highly toxic fumes which are a hazard to both occupants and firefighters.  In structure fires, you can be overcome with the toxic fumes from burning plastic before you have a chance to get out of the building.

Seismic Hazard: Conventional LED light sources have heavy appended heat sinks to dissipate the heat from the LEDs.  To hide these bulky heat sinks or make them more aesthetically appealing, lighting manufacturers blend the heat sink into a large lighting fixture made of metal.  These heavy fixtures must be independently suspended when used in suspended ceiling applications.  If not adequately secured or their supports malfunction, they become a severe safety hazard in the event of an earthquake.