architectural lighting

Modern Illumination at Wells Fargo Plaza


Project Spotlight: Wells Fargo Plaza Security Desk
Airelight™ Linear ES 1.0 Recessed in Channel with Diffuser
Architect: Gensler

Airelight™ Linear ES Luminaires enhance this space with modern illumination. Recessed in channel with a diffuser, Airelight™ LED Ceramic Luminaires are UL Listed and approved to be installed and even embedded in virtually all building materials. The world's only Red List Free lighting solution, Airelight™ Luminaires are 100% sustainable and contain no plastics nor toxic materials.

To support an array of linear lengths for any lighting project, Airelight™ Linear ES Luminaires are offered in multiple lengths: 24", 18", 12", and 6". At less than 5mm thinAirelight™ Linear ESs are capable of up to 770 lumens per foot. Fully dimmable and available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures.


Oceanography Building Architectural Ceiling


Featured Installation: Oceanography Building Architectural Ceiling
Airelight™ Linear ES 0.5 Installed Behind Blue Glass

Designed to reflect the coastal cliffs of La Jolla, California and nearby Pacific Ocean, this architectural ceiling provides a beautiful light source to the common area of a prestigious university. Airelight™ Linears illuminate each blue glass panel and pay tribute to the natural environment by using 50x less materials than conventional LED lighting fixtures. Airelight™ Luminaires are also 100% recyclable making them the superior option for sustainable building design.


Airelight™ Luminaires
Embeddable In Any Building Material

All Airelight™ Luminaires are UL Certified and contain no plastic or other flammable materials. The exposed light emitting ceramic surface is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 3500° F which translates to unmatched fire safety. By comparison, conventional LED light sources use plastic diffusers or plastic waveguides which contribute toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Airelight™ Luminaires are, by design, free of toxins.

Office Ceiling T-Bar Grid


Featured Installation: Office Ceiling T-Bar Grid
Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5 Direct Attachment

In an office with multiple desk spaces, the desired lighting needed to not only illuminate each desk, but offer a stylistic component as well. The ability to incorporate Airelight™ Linears into pre-existing ceiling grids without any design reconstruction made this a smooth, custom installation.


Additionally, when the lights are off, the Airelight™ Linears go completely unnoticed.


Airelight™ Linear SC 0.5 Attached with Magnets to the T-Bar Grid.
The thin profile of the Airelight™ Linear is preserved when directly attached to the T-Bar Grid with magnets. Each ribbon connector has 4 terminals to allow for ease of wiring multiple Airelight™ Linears to the power supply.